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  • How to become a user

    Is it free?

    Yes.  The Internet connection and the telecom equipment costs in each hotspot are paid by the trades or the organisms offering the ZAP Monteregie network acces. They do this to obtain your presence and your business.  So there is no cost to the users.  No publicity is accepted on the home page, except the one of the trade that offers the connection.

    What is needed to connect to the ZAP Monteregie’s network?

    You need an equipment with a Wi-FI interface ( 802.11 type) and be in one of the ZAP Montérégie’s hotspot.

    How do I connect ?
    The first time you are in one of ZAP Monteregie’s hot spot with your PC, IPad, tablet or smart phone, open the Wi-Fi source identifier module on your equipment. Select the ZAP Monteregie source. Open your browzer. You will be directed to the « ZAP Monteregie Welcome page».  Read the instructions. If you accept them, press the Connect button.

    Our management system will identify your equipment and will create an account.  That’s all !

    The next time you will access any of ZAP Monteregie’s hot spot, our management system will «recognize» you and will keep tab of your utilisation.

    Is a wireless connection sure?

    No more nor less than all other connections to Internet. If you want to transmit confidential information, it is of your responsibility to use security methods, such as encryption, HTTPS connections, etc. Exactly as you would do it at home or at job.

    What are the modalities of use?

    To assure that ZAP Montérégie’s network can evolve and respect its mission, it is primordial that all users read and understand the Terms of Use of the network.

    Can I replace my actual Internet connection with the network of ZAP Montérégie?

    No. You have to know that ZAP Montérégie’s network is conceived for people of passage, it is to help the persons who need a access restricted in time, so that they can consult information or answer electronic mails when they are in public places.

    We shall watch regulary the connections in the network and the persons who will use illegally the Internet access could see their account deactivated.

    Will the XYZ place soon be linked up with the network?

    More quickly than you think, if you help us to persuade the owner of the place to integrate within the ZAP Montérégie’s network. Speak about it with them and give them informations on us so that they can contact us. Even better, announce us their interest and we shall get into contact with them.

    This FAQ is inspired on the ones of Wireless Toronto and ZAP Québec.