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  • How to become a hotspot?

    Become a hotspot

    ZAP Montérégie is a non-profit organization which relies on the goodwill and efforts of business people passionate about computer technology.

    As a business owner or an administrator of an organization with a social goal, providing free on-site wireless internet access will have a positive impact on your customers. You will attract more customers while improving the quality of life in your immediate community, and this, at a very low cost, since we are a non-profit organization.

    We know that you are not interested in the technical aspects of such an installation because you have many other things to do to manage your business or your organization effectively. This is why ZAP Montérégie is ready to take care of the installation and maintenance of the hotspot located on your premises.

    All of this obviously implies some expenses which we have tried to minimize.  If you are interested in providing a hotspot, you will have to bear the following costs:

    • Monthly expenses for your high speed Internet access (if you don’t already have it)
    • Purchase the hotspot’s wireless equipment (about 100$ for a basic configuration).  The equipment purchased remains your property.
    • If you need to cover a larger area, it may be required to purchase a WIFI antenna or other appropriate equipment.
    • Annual membership fee in the ZAP Montérégie network (100$/year for a basic configuration).  This fee covers the server’s operation, administrative costs, travel expenses, etc.  Also, all of our installation and maintenance work is provided to you free of charge.

    * A basic configuration implies the installation of a wireless router on your premises.  This is typical for the majority of our installations.  For complex configurations, please enquire with one of our representatives.

    ZAP Montérégie will purchase the required equipment for you and bill you at a very affordable price. 

    You want to know more about it? Please contact us now.

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